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Polaris Videos

Collection of Video Clips Demonstrating Precision Laser Manufacturing

Advanced laser based manufacturing is made easy using a Polaris CNC Control System. Everything you need is included from CAD/CAM software to controllers and drives.


F-Theta Lens Pillow-Barrel Distortion Correction using NURBS Surfaces

Stictching errors in both the X and Y directions are eliminated and sub-mircon accuracies are achieved using a combination of non uniform B spline surface (NURBS) corrections and infinite field of view (IFOV) technology.


Infinite Field of View (IFOV) Demonstration

This video demonstrates CNC numerical control with multi-axis coordination of stage motion and Galvoscanner motion. A pulsed laser is being synchronized simultaneously with the motion along the cutting path for accurate, smooth material removal. This technique is often called infinite field of view (IFOV) because the field of view of the Galvoscanner is being automatically extended, without the need for start/stop motion. Using a Polaris motion control system in this manner with F-theta lens correction also eliminates stitching error.



2.5D Laser Engraving using Polaris CAD/CAM

This video illustrates loading an engraving design file, configuring parameters, compiling and setting the program to run. The job is processed immediately when the run button is pressed.


Laser Cross Hatching a Closed Shape using Polaris CAD/CAM

In this video, the Polaris Logo is presented as a collection of closed shapes in a DXF file. The file is loaded, and cross hatching parameters are set. The program is then compiled and executed on the laser CNC machine.


Laser Etching a PCB using Polaris CAD/CAM

In this video, a Gerber file is imported into Polaris CAD/CAM. It is then prepared with settings and compiled. When the run button is pressed, the job is executed on the laser CNC machine. The PCB is larger than the Galvoscanner field of view. Infinite field of view (IFOV) is used to complete the job with stopping. The Galvoscanner motion is automatically synchronized and coordinated with the stage.


Optical Inspection of a PCB using Polaris CAD/CAM

When the PCB has been etched, optical inspection is carried out using the machine vision (MV) capability of Polaris CAD/ACM. The positional offset between the laser and the machine vision camera are known. The softweare uses that information to locate features on the PCB easily.


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