Our Technology in the Aerospace Industry

Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control systems are being used in rate tables and hardware in the loop (HWIL) motion simulators. These advanced HWIL testing systems are used to measure the accuracy of inertial navigation components and systems, where the reproduction of accurate flight motion trajectories are critical.

Rotational precision in the several arc-seconds or few tens of micro-Radians is required. Rotational rate accuracies on the order of 1 part in one million are common. Precise acceleration control is also needed.

Typical Features

Polaris control features used in aerospace HWIL testing include:

  • Accurate, high-resolution Sin/Cos encoder interpolator
  • Responsive setpoint generator
  • Torque compensation
  • Encoder accuracy compensation
  • Reflective memory interface
  • GPS sync input
  • 10MHz/1PPS input


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