Polaris Communication Library API

Motion Software Libraries

The Polaris UniverseOne™ communication libraries include a hand full of modules with hundreds of functions that are useful for the development of machine tool embedded programs, and human machine interfaces (HMIs). The main modules are:

  • Motion Control Interface (MCI API)
  • G-Code API (GCI API)
  • High Speed Data Acquisition API (HSDAQ API)
  • Polaris Server Utility API (PSU API)


The MCI API contains hundreds of motion related functions for synchronous and asynchronous moves, homing, waiting on motion done events, auto phasing, setting up gantries, generating Hall tables, ESTOP and much more.

G-Code API

The G-code API is used by OEMs who wish to have the greatest flexibility for implementing their CNC machine tool software. With this API, custom G-codes and M-codes can be created to make certain the machine tool operator is receiving the expected response and behavior. The OEM is able to establish custom spindle, handwheel and jogging behavior. Logic for tool change, and tool setting can be applied according to detailed specifications.

High Speed Data Acquisition API

Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control systems have a powerful data acquisition capability and function. Data acquisition rates in the Gbps are achieved. Polaris Motion OEM customers have access to an easy-to-use high speed data acquisition library. Custom features may be written using the library for acquiring real-time, actual position or servo error data, analog I/O data or other state information. Data may be logged and saved to a file.

Polaris Server Utility API

Many utility functions are available as part of the PSU API. It’s possible to query the status of the system in many ways, the system synch rate can be set, software version numbers can be acquired, log files can be created and much more.