About Us

Polaris Motion is an advanced technology company founded in 1994. We have clients all over the world  and our headquarters is in Victoria B.C. This is where we conduct our research, product development, marketing, sales, final test and assembly.

Our market areas are ultra-precision optics and ultra-fast laser manufacturing. We develop unique, advanced manufacturing technologies that put us ahead of our competition. It is due to the talented staff of engineers, scientists and computer scientists that we’re able to beat out our competitors for success in many high-end machine design-ins.

Our company values include commitment, integrity, truth, and respect (CITR). We promote a culture that is innovative, creative, and competitive; one that fosters a climate of high team spirit, fun and accomplishment; and one that promotes personal growth and development. We strive to empower our employees to achieve their full potential.

Resumes may be sent to to careers@pmdi.com.

Electrical Engineer

Software Programmer / Applied Science

Linux Software Programmer