Polaris Laser Surface Structuring

Laser Surface Structuring

Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control systems are being used for surface structuring. Laser surface structuring or micro-engraving is a rapidly growing field. Surface structuring is a 2.5D process of material removal. Some interesting applications include the creation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, reduction of friction and creation of diffractive surfaces for optics.

Reduced Post-Processing Time

Structures such as precisely located dimples, often have geometries on the order of a few microns. As such, high laser repetition frequencies and fast laser hatching rates are desired. An ultra-short pulse laser is usually used. The advantage is instant vaporization of the material for virtually no burr and no heat affected zone. The resulting structures requires no further processing.

Typical Features

Features useful for surface structuring:

  • Fast hatching rates
  • High pulse frequencies
  • Precise synchronization of laser with tool path
  • IFOV for laser parts
  • 3D Galvo scanning
  • 5-Axis machining for complex 3D parts

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