Polaris Input / Output Modules

Polaris provides digital I/O and analog I/O modules for use in the Polaris control network. The digital I/O module is used to communicate with a large variety of digital sensors, switches, actuators and solenoids for discrete process control. The analog I/O module is used to collect data from a wide range of analog sensors.

Polaris Digital I/O Module

The digital I/O module has 32 inputs and 32 outputs. The logic level is supplied by the user and can be up to 24VDC.

The state of the digital inputs is read by the PLC program which executes in the Polaris UniverseOne™ controller. The PLC program executes and sets the state of the digital outputs.

The analog I/O module has four 16-bit inputs and four 16-bit outputs. Data may be collected at 100kHz. Programs that execute in the Polaris UniverseOne motion controller or on the client PC may collect analog sensor data from a large variety of sensors including strain gages used for internal stress measurement or photo-diodes used for in-situ melt-pool analysis.

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