Polaris MotionSuite is a collection of software applications, executables, libraries, and tools that are used by customers to develop their own machine control software application.

Main Components of Polaris MotionSuite are MotionTools, Polaris Server, and Polaris Communication Library.

Polaris Server

Polaris Server is the embedded software that runs inside a Polaris UniverseOne™ motion controller. It parses G-code files, creates path items, and generates setpoints among many other functions.

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MotionTools Operator Screen

Polaris MotionTools

MotionTools is an easy-to-use GUI that provides tools for machine configuration, setup, tuning and control.

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Polaris Communication Library API

Polaris Communication Libraries

Polaris Communication Library offers a comprehensive API that communicates with Polaris Server, and provides software developers with a means to access the many hundreds of functions to create applications.

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