Polaris Communication Library API

Polaris MotionSIM2: Motion Control Simulator

Polaris MotionSIM2, the Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control simulator is a computer software program that simulates the generation of exact tool paths without the need for Polaris Motion hardware. The simulator accepts G-code files and generates position setpoints for the machine specified in the configuration file. The simulated tool path adheres to the specified limits of the machine including the axes limits, velocity and acceleration constraints.

Making the Machine

There are many practical uses for a motion control simulator. Machine design engineers can use it to consider different machine configurations: axes strokes, speeds and accelerations during the design phase, and before purchasing any expensive components.

Software engineers can use the simulator to create the user interface even before the machine tool has been assembled. This is especially useful if there are multiple developers, and access to the hardware is limited. The machine can be tested using many different part files before the machine prototype is fully available.

Taking the Machine to Market

Business development personnel can be trained to use this motion control simulator. They can demonstrate the machine’s capabilities to prospects and customers using their laptops or online tools even before the machine is in full production. Machine tool customers and operators can be trained on the simulator before using an actual machine.

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