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  • Out of the box 5-Axis laser CNC solutions
  • Seamless stage, Galvoscanner and Laser integration
  • Fastest way to get your Machine Tool ideas to market
  • Highest motion control and data throughput rates in the industry
  • Fastest delivery of special features for our OEM customers
  • Customer support is second to none

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Polaris Motion is a motion control company that has been designing and manufacturing high-performance motion control and data acquisition systems for some of the world’s most advanced applications since 1994.

We respond quickly to questions, and our application engineers work closely with our customers to solve their problems.

Innovative, responsive, resourceful and flexible

The following words come to mind when working with PMDI, innovative, responsive, resourceful and flexible. They are ready, willing, and capable to solve your problems with great follow through.

Reg Maas, Principle Engineer

Ensures the system meets our exacting needs

PhotoMachining has implemented the Precision Micro Dynamics Infinite Field of View (IFOV) platform into our capabilities for Laser Micromachining.  The PMDI team works hand in hand with our engineers to ensure the system meets our exacting needs.  We are pleased with the timely support that PMDI has provided and will continue to further promote the IFOV platform for our needs.

Mike McNeil, Senior Systems Engineer
PhotoMachining, Inc.

Hardware is of the highest quality

We’ve used Polaris Motion Controllers and drives on a fairly complex piece of equipment.  The hardware is of the highest quality and has been easy to integrate into the rest of our system.  The included development environment also enables our engineers to customize the controller software for our specific application.  The standard API provides more than enough flexibility to add or modify functionality to the default motion server.  Their customer support both before and after we acquired our hardware has been excellent

Kevin Monroe, Control Systems Engineer

Service and support is outstanding

We consider Polaris Motion a strategic partner of ours, as they deliver advanced control solutions, are nimble and responsive to our requests. Polaris Motion is a great company that continually provides products of the high standards of quality, performance, and product knowledge. Their service and support is outstanding. Our dealings with the support team have always left us with the feeling that this is an organization that takes support seriously and with a sense of pride.

Ron Mundt, President
Mundt & Associates, Inc

Professional, efficient and committed

Professional, efficient and committed: this is Polaris. Their expertise makes you feel you are in the right hands and no matter how challenging your task is, they will do their best to take you successfully to the finish line.

Engr. Mattia Zamboni, Researcher
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

Everything You Would Ever Want

Polaris is everything you would ever want: incredibly fast, real-time control designed right.  PMDi has removed the anxiety that commonly surrounds projects that need precisely timed and coordinated operations between motors, I/O, and control algorithms.  In addition, they delight you by offering a modern, programmer friendly development environment with a rich set of API’s that are continually growing.  To top it all off, they offer a customer service experience that never fails to make you feel like you are working with a close friend or co-worker.

Nicholas Eastvold, Software Engineering Manager
Ametek Precitech

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