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Linear and PWM Control Servo Motor Drives

Polaris UniverseOne™ servo motor drives are used by customers to deliver controlled power to their actuators. The drives are linear and PWM, and can be used to control three-phase and single-phase motors. The drives receive their instructions from a Polaris UniverseOne™ motion controller, close the servo loop and report information such as actual position and drive state back to the controller.

A variety of drive types are available for different actuators, including rotary and linear BLDC motors, fast tool servo (FTS) actuators, voice coil motors and Galvo scanner motors. Polaris UniverseOne™ drives are available for rate tables, ultra-precision spindles and high-speed CNC spindles.

Servo Feedback Filters

Each drive has advanced field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) that make the implementation of advanced servo feedback filter algorithms easy. Polaris provides a traditional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) feedback filter with velocity and acceleration feedforward (PIDVAFF). Polaris’ OEM customers may implement their own, advanced servo filter and digital signal processing (DSP) designs using Polaris Servo Processing Unit (SPU) technology.

Encoder Support

Polaris UniverseOne™ servo motion drives provide support for many position encoder types. These include standard ABZ square wave quadrature encoders, 1Vpp SIN/COS analog encoders, BiSS and ENDAT incremental and absolute encoders. There are options for two position encoders per axis.

Supported Encoder Brands

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Rotary & Linear BLDC Motor Control

Polaris UniverseOne™ drives control rotary and linear BLDC motors with ease. Setup is quick and easy using the automatic commutation tools available in MotionTools™ setup and tuning software.

Spindle Motor Control

Polaris UniverseOne™ drives are used to control high performance CNC spindles. Advanced features such as field weakening make accurate, high-speed speed control possible. Speeds as high to 100,000rpm are achieved.
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Rate Table Control

Rate table systems require accurate speed and acceleration control for testing aerospace sensors. Polaris UniverseOne™ drives with advanced encoder compensation and torque compensation make this possible.
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Gbps Real Time Network

Communication between a Polaris UniverseOne™ drive and controller is accomplished over Mercury™, Polaris Motion’s patented Gbps real time motion control network. Setpoints are streamed over Mercury™ at high rates.
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Gantry Control

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Polaris UniverseOne™ drives are used to control gantries. Gantries use two motors in parallel which are connected with a bridge. Two drives are used, one per motor, and special software makes gantry commutation, servo tuning and homing straight forward.

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