Polaris 3D Galvoscanner

30mm Aperture with Advanced 3D Calibration

Polaris Motion’s 3D Galvoscanner has an aperture of 30mm, and may be ordered for a number of laser wavelengths including 1064, 512 and 355nm lasers. It provides superior speed and stability with its high-performance rotary and linear Galvanometer motors, and integrated mechanical design. Its linear focusing motor is a stiff, direct-drive design.

Advanced Field Flattening

Advanced field flattening and 3D calibration algorithms make certain the focus laser spot can move around accurately in the large work volume of the laser Galvoscanner.

Galvo Head Liquid Cooling for Optimal Operation

The internal temperature of the laser Galvo scanner runs cool, even at the highest working rates. This is due to externally located drive electronics. Even so, there are provisions for air and water cooling if high power beams are employed.

5-Axis Stage a 3D Galvoscanner Integration

Polaris Motion’s 3D Galvo scanner and a 5-Axis CNC stage may be controlled with a single Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control system. By using 5-Axis infinite field of view (IFOV) along with synchronized laser control, the highest quality multi-axis laser machine tool control is achieved.

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