Polaris 170VDC and 340VDC Power Supplies for Servo Motor Drives

Polaris Power Supplies for Servo Drives

Polaris power supplies are used to provide DC power to Polaris servomotor drives. They are a component of the Polaris UniverseOne motion control and data acquisition system. The PS-120 and PS-240 models are non-isolated, unregulated power supplies that complement the Polaris 170VDC, and 340VDC
PWM Drives.

The power supplies can be configured for single or three phase operation. They connect directly to AC mains and they have a bridge rectifier and filter capacitors to generate a DC bus for drive motor power. The power supplies can deliver currents up to 25A continuous and 50A peak. They are equipped with a shunt regulator to assist with smooth braking for high inertial loads. The shunt regulator can be set up to use a fixed internal shunt resistor or a customer selected external resistor. The shunt regulator has a duty cycle limiter which inhibits the shunt when the duty cycle on-time limit is exceeded.

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