Polaris Motion empowers OEM CNC machine tool manufacturers. If you’re developing a new machine tool or a new process with advanced features and high performance, then give us a call. It’s likely we’ll be able to help.

We provide technologies that make precision laser machining, 3D metal printing, robotics, and ultra precision optics possible. We specialize in delivering CNC motion controllers for ultra-fast laser processing, precision grinding, milling and turning, and for ultra-precision optics manufacturing.

We’re used for advanced data acquisition in automotive and aerospace hardware in the loop systems. We’re used for ultra high speed in-situ data acquisition in 3D metal printing machines.

Our CNC motion controllers are used for synchronizing stages, precision Galvo scanners and lasers. Our easy to use infinite field of view (IFOV) technology synchronizes XYZAB stage motion and Galvo scanner motion automatically. We offer other laser control technologies including 2D laser wobble, 3D scanning, pulse on demand (POD) laser triggering and more.

Multiple Galvo scanners may be controlled from a single controller to increase yields for applications such as 3D metal printing and device glass manufacturing. 

Our CNC motion control system supports 3, 5 and full-featured 9 axis coordinated motion. High performance coordination and synchronization is provided for all XYZ-ABC-UVW axes.


At Polaris Motion we provide off-the-shelf technologies for laser CNC manufacturing. A laser based CNC machine may be set up in days and weeks rather than months. The technology includes operator interface software, motion control software, drives and Galvo scanners. Standard part files such as DXF or STL are the interface. New parts may be designed or G-code files may be imported from third party CAD software. The motion controller and drives convert these to motion instructions that move the machine’s stage and Galvo scanner.

The software also includes machine vision for part inspection. Applications are boundless, from 3D metal printing to  laser cutting, drilling, ablating to laser patterning. All laser types are supported including continuous wave to pulsed, nanosecond to femtosecond, CO2, infrared to ultraviolet.

Coordination of stage and Galvo scanner motion is an integrated capability with advanced features such as stitching and infinite field of view (IFOV). Productivity is further enhanced using 2D laser wobble. Precision 3D scanning is made possible with advanced optical calibration. Multiple Galvo scanners are handled with a single controller with powerful computing.


For two decades, Polaris Motion has been a leader in CNC motion control technologies for optics manufacturing, including grinding and single-point diamond tool machining. Our 9 axes CNC technology is used to deliver the finest optics in the world for both civilian and military applications. Our customers’ sub-nanometer form and finish capabilities are easily achieved with our path-planning and servo drive technologies. Low-bandwidth long-stroke and wide-bandwidth short-stroke (fast tool servo, FTS) axes are seamlessly coordinated with advanced trajectory generation and path planning technologies.


Polaris motion controllers support five and six axis robots with forward/inverse kinematics and geometry limits. Many configurations already exist in our library. Customers import robot models with ease. The G-code framework supports XYZABC CNC machine and other robot configurations. Part files may be executed in the part coordinate system for ease-of-use. Any 5 axis CAM package may be used to generate the G-code.


Polaris Motion has optimized its drive technologies for the fastest actuators, including Galvo scanner motors for laser CNC manufacturing  and fast tool servo (FTS) motors for super-high-bandwidth ultra-precise material removal. Feedback rates as high as 100kHz are supported with PID and additional digital high-pass, all-pass and notch filters.


Polaris offers superior performance for spindle motor control. The highest quality air bearing spindle motors and rate tables are controlled with cycle to cycle repeatability as high as 1 part per million and superior intra-cycle stability.


Polaris Motion provides ultra high data rates for superior actuator performance. All kinematic variables use double floating point numerical representation. A machine having eight servomotor axes can run each axis at 100kHz set-point rates. Data acquisition back to the host computer runs simultaneously for comprehensive and easy system diagnostics.


Polaris Motion’s software was designed to make it easier and faster for OEMs to integrate and deliver their machines to market. Software includes:

•  CAD/CAM and Operator Interface Software
•  Setup and Tuning Software
•  Libraries and Development Tools

Polaris CAD/CAM is a design, part file management and operator interface software. It’s a comprehensive out-of-the box user interface for laser CNC manufacturing. It supports everything from metal 3D printing, cutting, drilling to laser patterning, and it includes machine vision.

Polaris MotionTools is our machine setup and tuning software. It’s an easy-to-use interface for setting up machine’s encoders, phasing motors, digital I/O definitions and more. It has tools for PID tuning and signal analysis including real time digital oscilloscope, fast Fourier transforms (FFT), frequency response functions (FRF), tuning windows and more.

Software libraries and development environments are available for Linux and Windows and include support for Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland and QT.