CAD/CAM Software

Polaris CAD/CAM is a fully functioning interface for controlling a laser-based CNC machine. It offers computer aided design and manufacturing, and it provides a machine control interface for operators. Many job types are supported including, 2D, 2.5D and full 3D laser processing.

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Motion Control Software

Polaris UniverseOne motion control software is the central piece of the Polaris motion control platform. It includes the advanced code that runs on the embedded Intel/Linux compute core engine, library APIs for application software, and set up software for configuring systems and machines..

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Motion Simulator

The Polaris motion simulator is productivity software tool that provides developers with the ability to set up and program a Polaris motion control system without using any hardware. Application development is expedited. The software has many uses in machine development, training, sales and after sales support.

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Image of motion controllers
Polaris Motion Controller

The Polaris UniverseOne™ motion controller runs the motion control code on a multi-core Intel/Linux embedded platform. Advanced FPGA technology is used to provide real-time, high-throughput communication with client applications, and with the motion control network. Tool paths are generated and custom motion control applications are written using Linux development tools and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Polaris Spindle Drive
Polaris Servo Motor Drives

Polaris servo motor drives are used to provide power and precise control to high performance actuators such as BLDC motors, voice coil motors, spindles and rate tables. The drives are supplied with a wide range of power ratings and they can be ordered as PWM drives or linear drives. The widest selection of encoder interfaces are made available.

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Polaris I/O Modules

Polaris digital I/O and analog I/O modules are used to communicate with digital sensors, switches, solenoids and a large variety of analog sensors.

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3rd Party Drive Interfaces

Polaris UniverseOne™ motion control systems can connect with 3rd party actuator systems, including servo drive/motor, Japanese style AC servomotor, and step drive/motor sets. Two modules are available: the Polaris Servo Module (PSM) and the Polaris Pulse module (PPM). Each provides an interface to control four motors.

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Power Supplies

Polaris power supplies provide DC power to Polaris servomotor drives. The PS-120 and PS-240 models are non-isolated, unregulated supplies that complement Polaris 170VDC, and 340VDC PWM Drives.

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Polaris 2D Galvoscanners

Polaris Motion manufactures fast, precise 2D Galvo scanners for large variety of applications such as ablation, cutting, scribing, drilling, welding and material transformation. All of the standard wavelengths are supported including 10.6micron, and 1064/532/355nm.

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Polaris 3D Galvoscanners

Polaris Motion offers a versatile, high-performance 3D Galvo scanner that is ideal for many laser-based manufacturing processes, including 3D metal printing, remote welding, deep engraving and mold making. Precise positioning, with large focal ranges and fields-of-view are possible.

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3rd Party Galvoscanner Interfaces

Polaris Motion manufactures interface electronics that enable seamless bi-directional communication between 3rd party Galvo scanners and the Polaris motion control network. 2D and 3D scanners from Raylase, Scanlab, Argus and Newson are supported among others.

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