Servo Motor Drives

Polaris UniverseOne™ servo motor drives are used by OEMs to control their precision motion stages. Our drives are linear and PWM and they can be used to control three-phase and single-phase motors. The drives receive their instructions from a Polaris UniverseOne™ motion controller and report information such as actual position and drive state back to the controller.

Polaris UniverseOne™ three phase PWM drives are used to control linear and rotary Brushless, Direct-Current (BLDC) motors. These drives connect into the Polaris Gbps real-time motion network, Mercury™. A variety of Voltages and currents are supported for application that range from a couple hundred Watts to 10kW. A large number of encoder types are supported from Renishaw, Heidenhain, Magnescale and others. Polaris PWM drives are efficient, they provide the power to move motors with great speed and acceleration, and they are capable of delivering great precision with their advanced feedback control algorithms. Polaris PWM drives are ideal for controlling stage actuators and ultra-high precision CNC spindles.

Image of a Ultra Quiet Spindle for HD Manufacturing

Polaris UniverseOne™ three-phase linear drives are used to provide controlled power to three-phase rotary and linear BLDC motors. These drives connect into the Polaris Gbps real-time motion network, Mercury™. With its linear power electronics technologies, these drives are electrically quiet. They are ideal for applications that use delicate sensors and have high signal-to-noise ratio requirements. They are ideal for use in motion control applications that need arc-second and nanometer-scale servo performance.

Image of a Technohands Linear Vice Coil Motor

Polaris UniverseOne™ single-phase linear drives are used to control rotary Galvanometer motors, linear voice coil motors and Fast Tool Servo (FTS) actuators. These are two-wire motors that have high-bandwidth, high-precision requirements. Polaris single-phase linear drives deliver high peak current in a controlled manner to maximize the motor’s acceleration and speed profiles. Advanced servo feedback filters are included. High-end analog interfaces are used with high quality encoder scales to deliver the best precision.

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