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ASPE Annual Meeting: Oct 31 – Nov 2, Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. ASPE Annual Meeting, Charlotte 2017
  2. Polaris Software Release V2.6
  3. Ultra Precision Spindle Motor Controller
  4. New Catalog October 2017

Visit us at the annual meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) located in Charlotte, North Carolina this year at the Westin Hotel. Tom Erlic, President will be there at booth 308. We are excited to meet you and to discuss new motion control technologies and capabilities for the ultra precision fabrication of components.

Polaris Software Release Version 2.6

The new Polaris Software Release V2.6 is now available. Some of the new features include support for:

  • XY2-100 and SL2-100 Galvoscanners
  • Pulse type servo drives
  • Extended Field of View (EFOV) for systems that use 3rd party drives and Galvoscanners

Check out this video demonstrating extended field of view using a 3rd party SL2-100 Galvoscanner

Ultra Precision Spindle Motor Controller

Polaris Motion is unveiling its new ultra precision spindle motor controller. Some of the features include:

  • Power for spindles up to 3kW
  • 230VAC input power
  • Lower spindle core temperature
  • PWM switching frequencies up to 80kHz
  • Torque compensation
  • Encoder compensation
  • Low and high frequency cycle compensation
  • Velocity and position mode
  • Programmable position trigger pulse outputs
  • Square wave, sin wave, ENDAT and RESOLUTE encoder inputs
  • User programmable servo feedback algorithms
  • Servo feedback rate 20 microseconds
  • Spindle speeds from DC to 100,000rpm
  • Velocity stability up to 1 part in 1 million
  • Position coordination with XYZ stages

New Catalog October 2017

Our new catalog (5MB) is now available and may be downloaded here.

Best regards,

Mile Erlic
Polaris Motion