Easy-to-Use Infinite Field of View (IFOV)
with Any Laser Galvoscanner

Polaris Laser Wobble Technology

Polaris Motion’s infinite field of view (IFOV) is easy to use, and you can use any Galvoscanner.

With Polaris Motion, only six settings are needed to configure IFOV. Four of these define the axes selections. One setting turns IFOV on and off, and the last setting chooses how much of the motion is handled by the stage and how much by the Galvoscanner. No special hardware is needed, no extra wiring is required.

Polaris Motion’s background is in CNC machine tool control. As such, our IFOV is fully compatible with standard G-code files including linear (G1), circular (G2), and spline interpolation (G5), work coordinate transforms, tool offsets and more. Stage and Galvoscanner motions are linked and un-linked using simple M-codes. No special file formats are needed, simply re-use your existing G-code files.

Third party Galvoscanners are fully supported. Simply select the Galvoscanner that makes sense for your application. Standard interface protocols XY2-100 and SL2-100 are supported. Third party servomotors and drives are supported. There is no need to swap our your servomotors, dives or your Galvoscanner. Simply connect our control system to your existing drives and Galvoscanner and get IFOV going right away.

Laser triggering is automatically synchronized with the laser tool path. Many laser control modes are supported including constant pitch triggering for pulsed lasers, and PWM control for continuous wave lasers.

With many in the field implementations and comprehensive testing, Polaris Motion’s IFOV has been made robust and reliable. Contact us if you would like to install our system on your machine for reliable, high performance IFOV.

Improvments Made Under the Hood

Polaris Motion has recently delivered on many feature, performance and ease of use improvements. Some of these include:

  • Superior, faster path planning
  • Navigate challenging path segments automatically
  • Achieve higher material processing speeds and higher throughput in parts/hr
  • Faster and more accurate calibration algorithms
  • Field compensation for 3D Galvoscanners using F-theta lenses
  • Field flattening for front focusing 3D Galvoscanners
  • Multiple laser triggers per part file
  • Improved digital oscilloscope and machine configuration software
  • Improved support for serial chain and parallel robots

To obtain more information on our Polaris Motion Control System, download our 32 page general catalog (5MB) here, visit our website, send us an email, or give us a phone call at +1-866-548-5639. Our time zone is PST.

Mile Erlic
Polaris Motion