Polaris Motion offers a number of Galvoscanner solutions, including its own Galvoscanners and interface modules for 3rd party Galvoscanners.

Polaris Motion’s scan heads use high performance motors having low-inertia and high-resolution position sensors. These scan heads deliver great stability and accuracy with the highest speeds and accelerations.

Whether the Galvoscanner is from Polaris Motion or from a 3rd party vendor, features such as field flattening, 2D lens calibration, 3D calibration, infinite field of view (IFOV), and dynamic stage compensation are all available.

Third Party Galvoscanner Interfaces

A collection of different 3rd party Galvo scanners can be used as an integral part of a Polaris UniverseOne motion control solution. Indeed, four or more 3rd party Galvo scanners can be used in a single machine system. The following Galvo scanner communication standards are supported:  XY2-100, SL2-100, HSSI and RTFE-D15D.

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Polaris 3D Galvoscanner

Polaris Motion’s 3D Galvo scanners can be ordered for a number of laser wavelengths including 1064, 512 and 355nm lasers. They provide superior speed and stability with their high-performance rotary and linear Galvanometer motors, and integrated mechanical design. The linear focussing motor is a stiff direct-drive design.

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Polaris 2D Galvoscanner

Polaris Motion’s 2D Galvo scanners may be ordered for a number of laser wavelengths, including 1064, 512 and 355nm. A customer may order a f-theta lens, a telecentric lens or they can use their own lens. Advanced, curve-based 2D lens correction enables the manufacturing of accurate laser processed parts.

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